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Construct the perfect project based on your goals and desired outcomes
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Our research can help your team answer questions such as...
How can we better convey the value and use case(s) of our product to our users?
How can we make our product easier to use and navigate?
What elements of our onboarding flow do users find confusing or annoying?
What can we learn from individuals' likes and dislikes of competitors?
How can we increase long-term retention on our app?
What else can we learn from our target demographic?
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We worked with Campus Insights to better understand how teens use technology nowadays. Campus Insights have a sharp understanding of the market, and they are formidable at tapping into very young segments thanks to their experience and savoir faire.
– Marco Paglia, Design Lead at Google
We worked with Campus Insights to conduct generative research on students and their study habits. The CI team was excellent - they were thought partners in designing the research, fast and skilled in executing the research, and went above and beyond in delivering actionable insights. We would absolutely work with them again.
– Vickie Chiang, Director of Product Design at Quizlet
I was very impressed by the quality of the work the Campus Insights team produced. They were able to execute a very insightful competitive analysis, complete with a full deck and video clips that highlighted findings. In addition, the team was able to take feedback along the way and make adjustments as need be. It was a pleasure to work alongside them!
–Louise Beryl, Senior User Experience Researcher at Chegg
We've been launching projects with Campus Insights every other week to iterate on wireframes and inform major product decisions. Their fast-turnarounds and large participant database allow us to move quickly and get diverse, candid feedback from our target audience. We've also enjoyed the real-time collaboration and are lucky to continue working with them!
–Marek Zareba, Director of Product at Tilt (acquired by Airbnb)
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