We worked with a mobile payment app that has raised over $60 million in funding from VC firms like Andreessen Horowitz and DCM Ventures.

Having a consistent user research need and wanting their product managers to not worry about conducting user interviews, client brought in Campus Insights as their on-demand research team. Every other week, Campus Insights worked with one of the client’s four product managers to quickly get feedback on their live app and/or Invision wireframes.
Examples of past project goals include:
○     Usability – What elements of a new on-boarding flow do new users find confusing?
○     Wireframe Comparison – How do different wireframe versions influence a new user’s understanding of the app?‍
○     Current Behavior – What leads college students to invite friends to an app and what do students think of other apps’ invite friends experience?
○     Helped client have a successful 3.0 launch – Numerous wireframe tests isolated the most intuitive UI redesign, including icon selection, tab bar organization, and general app layout.
○     Reduced dropoff rates – User interviews pinpointed issues with the live app’s onboarding flow. After conducting additional interviews getting feedback on new wireframes, Campus Insights was able to aid client in improving metrics across their onboarding and “Create a Campaign” flows.‍
○     Increased Invites – User Interviews uncovered trends in student app sharing behavior, ultimately enabling client to boost the percentage of users who invite friends to their app and the average number of friends a user invites.

We worked with one of the largest apps in Southeast Asia that has raised over$53M+ in funding and has 20+ million users.

Looking to evaluate their acceptance in the US market, client hired Campus Insights to test their app with undergraduate and graduate students.
Campus Insights set up a research study with the following goals:
○     Onboarding – What, if any, opportunities are there for improvement in the onboarding flow and first-time experience to minimize first-use friction and increase retention?
○     Branding – How do students’ first impression of client's app impact the need to make potential product and branding changes to better position client for the US audience?
○     Competitors – What can we learn from our competitors’ strengths and weaknesses to improve client’s competitiveness?
○     Increased Successful Account Creation and Return Usage – After observing several students encounter the same points of confusion during their first time using the app, Campus Insights recommended changes that clarified and streamlined the onboarding process.
○     Optimized Positioning of App for US Student Demographic – Our research found several core features that while hugely popular abroad, were less favorably perceived by US interviewees. Campus Insights recommended several modifications and several replacements for these features to better position the app.
○     Improved Client’s Head-to-Head Competitiveness – Competitors were favorably compared over this platform due to a specific feature. Campus Insights helped this team create a spin on this feature that was better-received by the competition’s users in later rounds of usability testing.

We worked with a company that built an online shopping community with over 12 million products posted by users from over 300,000 stores in the world.

Looking to gain a better understanding of existing and new users, client hired Campus Insights to test their mobile app with undergraduate women.
Campus Insights set up a research study with the following goals:
○     Conceptualization – How does client’s existing layout and interface impact users’ impression and perceived value of client?
○     Retention – What client features lead users to experience a “magic moment” that increases their likelihood to return and stay active?
○     Competitors – How does the the client shopping experience compare to other online shopping experiences?
○     Uncovered Differences in Opinions Between New and Existing Users – Our research indicated that there were several key differences between how new and existing users conceptualized the app, helping client understand how to create a cohesive and valuable experience for both user groups.
○     Isolated Factors that Led Users to a “Magic Moment” – After analyzing how interviewees navigated through client's app and what they thought while purchasing an item, Campus Insights identified several key factors that would increase a user’s likelihood of being engaged.
○    Identified Competitive Strengths and Weaknesses – Our user interviews captured how interviewees compared client to other online shopping experiences leading us to find opportunities for improvement and differentiation to help client better compete.

We worked with a company that built a web service for men who want to look great, but hate shopping for clothes.

Client hired Campus Insights to conduct in-person interviews to get usability feedback on their minimum viable product (MVP). 
Campus Insights set up a research study with the following goals:
○     Usability – Are users able to successfully build a size profile using video instructions and a tape measure, and easily navigate the service?
○     Decision-Making Behavior – What factors do users consider when deciding whether or not to buy an item of clothing?
○     Conceptualization – Do users understand how the service works and what its ultimate purpose is?
○     Improved User Experience – Identified specific elements of the UI that caused confusion during the profile creation and shopping flows, allowing client to prioritize UI changes that will be executed before moving into beta.
○     Helped Client Create a More Compelling Shopping Experience – Our interviews pinpointed additional search filters users wanted and identified which pieces of information were important to users while shopping, enabling client to define enhancements that will make it easier for users to find something valuable and complete a purchase.
○    Improved Value Proposition Communication – Uncovered a potential misunderstanding of the service client provides, enabling more focused communication of the value proposition to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction.
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