Our process includes...
Interview script preparation
We'll work with your team to identify your main goals and questions, and then will write an interview script with unbiased questions and tasks.
Participant recruiting, screening, and scheduling
We have a large international database of Gen Z and Millennial research participants and can recruit based a range of criteria (university, country, relationship status, usage of other apps, ethnicity, etc).
Our research can help your team answer questions such as...
How can we better convey the value and use case(s) of our product to our users?
How can we make our product easier to use and navigate?
What elements of our onboarding flow do users find confusing or annoying?
What can we learn from individuals' likes and dislikes of competitors?
How can we increase long-term retention on our app?
What else can we learn from our target demographic?
We answer questions such as...


What are the pain points on my site/app?
What is the general usability of my site?
How can I optimize the design of a page/feature?


What are the different types of users on my site?
How does their experience vary over time?
How do I maximize long-term retention?


What are my competitive advantages?
What are my competitors' best practices?
How can I develop my brand?
Types of research include...
Our deliverables include...
Interview Recordings
Analysis Report 
(optional depending on package)
Video Editing 
(optional depending on package)
Contact Us for Additional Custom Deliverables
We deliver a comprehensive list of participants screened to fit any demographic a client needs for their research -- all within one week.
Interview Recordings
Participants answer various questions asked by a Campus Insights Researcher while thinking out loud. These interview recordings give you access to all their candid praises and critiques, said explicitly or through their subtle facial expressions and body language.
Analysis Report
Why our analysis is valuable:
We specialize in this. Our cultural understanding of the Gen Z and Millennial audience allows us to transform what your users are saying into actionable insights.
  We bring a different perspective. Having a third-party share analysis and fresh ideas is tremendously impactful.
Video Editing
We fulfill a range of editing requests for clients. The most common are the highlight reels – these could be either a highlight reel for each interview or a highlight reel for an entire project. They include the most important moments based on the goals of the client.
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