We handle the following for every project
Interview script preparation
We'll work with your team to identify your main goals and questions, and then will write an interview script with unbiased questions and tasks.
Participant recruiting, screening, and scheduling
We have a large international database of Gen Z and Millennial research participants and can recruit based a range of criteria (university, country, relationship status, usage of other apps, ethnicity, etc).
Our deliverables include...
Interview Recordings
Analysis Report 
(optional depending on package)
Video Editing 
(optional depending on package)
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Interview Recordings
Interviews help you get inside the mind of someone using your product – you can see how they use it and hear them talk about it in their own words. Participants answer various questions asked by a Campus Insights Researcher and complete a series of tasks on your app while thinking out loud.
Analysis Report
Depending on the client's preference and the type of project, we will either deliver the analysis via Google Docs or a PDF slide deck. There are many reasons our analysis is valuable:
  We specialize in this. We've done a myriad of projects over the past 2 years and know which things you should pay attention to and which things you shouldn't worry about. We also have some creative ideas for solutions.
  We bring a different perspective. You're so in the weeds with your product that having a third-party share analysis and ideas is tremendously impactful.We save you time and help you focus!
   With our analysis, you don't have to watch the interviews, take notes, ponder, rewatch the interviews, get stressed about the 1000 things that the interviewees mentioned, ponder some more, and then try to come up with concise takeaways. We'll do all of the note taking, rewatching, stressing, and coming up with takeaways for you. You should still watch the interviews, but it's much easier when the burden isn't all on you!
Video Editing
We fulfill a range of editing requests for clients. The two most common are:
  Clips grouped together by theme – this allows you to watch by topic rather than by interviewee. For example, you could watch everyone's on-boarding experiences back-to-back or watch all confusing moments back-to-back.
  Highlight reels – these could be either a highlight reel for each interview or a highlight reel for an entire project. They include the most important moments based on the goals of the client.
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