The Unwritten Rules of Instagram and the Rise of “Finstas”
TLDR; Social media like Instagram is infinitely more prevalent in the lives of Gen Z’ers than older generations, and this means more scrutiny and more unwritten social rules than ever before. Given their clichéd title as “digital natives”, it’s no surprise the Gen Z response comes in the form of “finstas”, a radical reclamation of authenticity and intimacy.
June 25, 2019
Snapchat versus Instagram: Oh, How the Tables have Turned
When Instagram released its stories feature in 2016, it was considered nothing more than an imitation of Snapchat's feature. Users initially shrugged it off. Yet two years later, Snapchat stories are floundering and Instagram stories are thriving. Why?
August 28, 2018
Reddit Redesign: How the Internet Reacted to its New Front Page
Reddit has looked the same for over a decade. Despite its minimalist, unappealing aesthetic, the social media platform gained millions of users, garnering a cult following and skyrocketing in popularity. But now, Reddit is changing its famous (and infamous) user interface in favor for a new, modern one. And Reddit fans aren’t thrilled.
August 28, 2018
Fortnite: The Millennial Obsession
18 months ago, Fortnite didn’t exist. Now it is the biggest game in the world, playable on PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Windows, Xbox, and iOS. Fortnite’s makers at Epic Games created a game made for Millennials, and now it’s paying dividends.
August 17, 2018
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